Aero P1 Chest Protector

Aero P1 Chest Protector


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Up to 14 business days
Up to 14 business days
Up to 14 business days
Brand: Aero
Product Code: PP9


P1 Chest Protector
Simple and easy to put on and take off when training or playing.
Designed to integrate with the Lower Body Protector.
Absolutely no restrictions when executing shots.
When worn you can still maintain a natural running movement.
High quality closed-cell EVA foam ensures cell structure integrity.
Easy to wash and dry…which safeguards against the evil smell or mould build-up from infrequent use or off-season storage .
Unique antibacterial mesh safeguards against any mould build-up.
Innovative holster design and loose fit, stays exactly in place during use
Adjustable elastic straps allows chest protector use over a track suit while training.
The antibacterial/ washable material facilitates wearing against the skin.
Multiple crease lines and perforations ensures the chest protector moves with you.
Extremely light weight.
The slimline profile fits easily and comfortably under a baggy shirt.
High density closed cell PE foam construction ... designed to withstand ball speeds up to 160kph
Three layers of high quality closed-cell EVA foam gives superb shock resistance.
The thickest foam layers cover the high impact areas of the heart and rib cage.
Multiple body sizings for all cricket players (S, M, L)
Integrates with Lower Body Protector "Strippers"

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