Customer Comments

Here at Duck and Run Ltd we value our customer's feedback about our products and services, here are just a few: 

Hi, I just wanted to send you a quick email to thank you for the Kensington bat I brought of you guys early last year that scored 877 runs last season, which resulted in me being awarded the Devon Cricketer of the Year award. It's by far the best bit of willow I have ever owned and I'm hoping it lasts a few more seasons! I've recently moved to London and joined a club up here and all the guys were asking about 'Duck and Run' and where they can get their hands on your gear. I obviously pointed them in the direction of your website. Thanks again, Dom


Hi, Thanks very much, my order arrived today and everything is great, the boots fit (with two pairs of socks!!) the gloves are very comfortable and the pads are brilliant, thanks for the key ring and glove inners.

Thanks again, Andy H


Hi Guy's,

What can I say, what a piece of willow, I feel almost guilty for owning it. 
The pick up, as you rightly said, is first class and the weight in general is perfect, just hope I can do it justice. 
As for the other stuff, thanks for the advice on the pads, they fit great and very comfortable as are the gloves. 
Thigh pad is high quality and surprisingly light, many thanks. 
Helmet is a bit tight but then I have got a massive head. 
I don't know how big you guy's down there intend to get but in my opinion the future is bright. 
If you need any help expanding into GM country then give me a shout.
Thanks again for all your help, I'll keep you informed on how she gets on.
Kind Regards,


Hi. Just to let you know I am very happy with the SS Pro bat you sent me. I really appreciate your most helpful approach. I wish you the best of luck in the coming months and years trading. Many thanks.

Charlie W


Sorry i havent been in contact for the past week iv been very busy with the county circuit, i hope your well. I tried my new equipment out and i must say it is phenominal.thank you very much and i hope to carry on our relationship in the future.Thank you.



            I received all the gear today. At just over 1 week that is pretty good delivery. The gear looks fantastic, the gloves fit perfectly the pads are comforatable and the bats look excellent. I have had a chance to hit a few catches with them both and the 2 pound 9 bat is perfect, it has great balance and suits me spot on. I actually wanted to get another bat exactly the same.. well as close as possible, while i have the chance. The 2.10 is a tad heavy for my general play but i'm sure i will get plenty of use out of it in the 20/20 and 50 over matches.
The 2.9 is perfect and i was hoping to get another before the season gets into full swing as a back up.
I will trust your judgement to pick one. 
I am sure you can expect a few more orders from down under looking at the gear.
Thanks again,  Joe
Hi Guy's
Just thought I'd give you some feedback on the bat.
Simply stunning, one example, hit a straight drive only a gentle defensive push, went like an absolute bullet.
Only down side, inside edged one and split the protective cover, never mind, nothing a bit of tape won't sort out.
The pick up is superb, all round, the best bat I've owned, many thanks....
Thanks for letting me know.
I bought my bat at SCS, and I scored my first ever ton (aged 43) with it a couple of weeks ago, awesome bit of kit!


Thank you all for your kind comments and continued support.

Best Wishes, from all at Duck and Run